Denny's Las Vegas


This Denny's in downtown Las Vegas features a full bar and wedding chapel.



The Kelly Design Group has the skills and knowledge to meet the demanding, fast-paced schedules of today's top restaurant companies.


  • This commercial tenant improvement project utilized The Kelly Design Group's practical construction knowledge to find cost effective solutions to common design challenges. The Owners of the Déjà Vu's Love Boutique wished to convert a multiple tenant building into a new single retail space of over 18,000 square feet.

  • The new space was created by removing and shoring wood bearing and shear walls so they could be replaced with new steel moment frames. New openings were added at concrete masonry walls and some existing openings were filled in with new block to provide access and fire protection for the new sales area.

  • The existing construction, dating to the mid- 1980's, was composed of concrete masonry walls, steel columns and beams, and a wood roof covered with composition roofing.

Commercial Tennant
commercial project


This new ground up, one-story, 4,500 square foot industrial building is a prototype for COX Communications to be copied throughout the Southwestern United States. Cost efficient, slender concrete masonry walls, using conventional reinforcing, and a concrete filled metal roof deck formed the structural system. The foundation system used traditional shallow bearing, conventionally reinforced concrete. Steel columns and steel beams supported the roof.

To complete the architect's vision, a combination of cold formed steel and wood framing was added to t to bring relief to the exterior elevations. The Kelly Design Group used a combination of building materials to yield the most cost effective solution for this project. Using the latest design techniques available, The Kelly Design Group created a steel framing system of the lightest weight possible.

Working with the Owner's concept for the future, additional structural elements were designed at portions of this new building to more easily allow for expansion as the needs of COX communications grows.


New tenants needed more open space within this building. KDG's challenge was to modify the existing structural system to meet today's building code, while not sacrificing original structural design considerations. Working closely with the owner, architect, new tenants, and the general contractor, cost effective solutions were implemented. The new design opens 40% more interior floor space for physical therapy, and exercise equipment.


The most economical solution to create new open spaces within this building was to replace the existing light-gauge steel stud wall and X-Bracing system, with new Ordinary Steel Moment Frames. This presented engineering design and installation challenges, but proved to be the only viable solution.